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From the Managing Editor                                        
Delavil Lekunze
Endless Journey 
Afrimigrant is about the lives and struggles of Afrcans  in exploration missions beyond their continent.
For hundreds of years, Africans are on the move because of social, economic and political unrest in their land. Millions embark on a journey whose destination they don’t know precisely; mass movements to all parts of the planet.   These movements sometimes leads them through “tunnels”,  burning  deserts, stormy seas or in boats bound for wreckage. That is what makes their movements different from those of others.   They seem to be forever wandering, more than any other race on earth. Why this endless journey? Where it has led and is leading them  often raises tons of questions ? Arriving their destination,  some of them settle in hideouts not befitting of their statuses back home.  Survival tactics during their struggle for recognition and acceptance,  get many crawling into ‘cans of worms’. Yet going back home is the last thought. Someone said this is like a curse,whose roots are  yet to be properly detected ?
 Is moving away from home the remedy? How is this helping them stop gasping for breadth?  Afrimigran t sets out to investigate into all these.
The wars, bad governance, conflicts, purported poverty, civil strife and crave for adventure are some causes of their displacement. How this is influencing their lives positively or negatively is our concern...